Subject:  new book about the lies of Nato in the Kosovo-conflict
Date:  Tue, 26 Sep 2000 17:3:14 +0100
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Juergen Elsaesser
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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
of the International Media,

on 15th October, my new book about the lies of Nato
in the Kosovo-conflict is on sale in Germany. A big
presentation during the Frankfurt Book Fair will take
place on the 20th October, ex-general Heinz Loquai
(the officer who was fired by MoD Scharping because
of his critic of the war) will join me in this event.

All details about the book and the author you can find below.

I would appreciate if you would write a review of the
book for your paper or TV-programm or make an interview
(by phone?) with me about my theses.

Unfortunately there’s only a German issue at the moment.
An english edition could be published next year, but it’s
not sure.

Please remail me if you are interested.

Thanks a lot
yours sincerely



Die toedlichen Luegen der Nato und ihre Opfer im Kosovo-Konflikt. Mit
einem Dossier zu Srebrenica
 (Konkret Verlag Hamburg, 192 Seiten, 26.80 DM)

The Deadly Lies of Nato and ist Victims in the Kosovo-Conflikt.With a
Special File about Srebrenica

»Never before so few lied so thoroughly to so many, as in connection
with the Kosovo war«, says Willy Wimmer, member of the CDU party in the
German Bundestag. »People died for this.«

No lie seemed too grotesque to start the slaughter and keep it going:
Milosevic as the new Hitler, concentration camps in Pristina, Auschwitz
Kosovopolje. Whereas NATO and CNN took the trouble to provide
fabricated video documents, the German Minister of Defense sought to
convince by mere force of words: Mister Scharping‘s portrayal of Serbs
playing football with the heads of their Abanian victims or Serbs
grilling foetuses, torn from their mothers‘ wombs will go down in the
annals of psychopathology. Finally
miracles of biblical dimensions: massacred Albanian intellectuals hold
post mortem press conferences in Western capitals; ghost trains
suddenly appear on
scarcely used tracks and bore their way into NATO-missiles; mass graves
are found as empty as Our Lord‘s vault on the third day.

What is left? »In the nine months after stationing of KFOR in Kosovo
nothing could be found to sustain the indictment of >genocide< « (Le
Monde Diplomatique, March 2000) . In the light of new evidence and with
the aid of
previously unaccessible documents Juergen Elsaesser questions NATO‘s
justification for the war.

Elsaesser proves the thesis that the first victim of war is the truth
to be wrong. For the truth dies long before a war starts: It was the
lies about Srebrenica, about Racak, about Rambouillet and about the
so-called apartheid in Kosovo that deceived members of parliament and
citizens alike and led them into a murderous adventure. NATO was made
the »air force in an ethnic war« (Henry Kissinger ) and brought the KLA
into power. The result: Pristina is purged, ethnic monirities have been
driven out of Kosovo, chaos rules in the streets, the KLA‘s secret
police is everywhere, and the few remaining survivors fear in ghettos
for their lives. Indeed, nobody talks now of »humanitarian
catastrophe«, »ethnic cleansing« or »genocide« and not surprisingly so:
to acknowledge the disgrace of the last war would impede preparations
for the next.

Table of contents

1 Before the War
1.1 The Mother of All Lies
The »Ramps of Srebrenica« as Starting-Ramps for the War.
***central chapter of approximately 50.000 characters***

1.2 Withheld Murders
The KLA‘s Terror before the War and the Ignorance of the Western
Public.approximately 25.000 characters

1.3 Classified: Racak
The Previously Classified Autopsy-Records of the 40 Bodies of Racak
Disprove NATO‘s Version of a Serbian Massacre. approximately 18.000

1.4 Meddled
Memoirs of a Viennese Diplomat: Petritsch on the German
Front-Line in Rambouillet. approximately 20.000 characters

1.5 Scharping‘s Blacksmiths
»Operation Horseshoe« > An Amateurish Fabrication Coming from the House
of the Vienna-Berlin-Secret- Service-Connection.approximately 24.000

2 The War
2.1 Sex, Lies and Video
How To Get Your Country in the Mood for War Using Photomontage and
Sexually Laden Horror-Scenarios.
approximately 14.000 characters

2.2 Legal, Illegal, Collateral
Myths and Facts about the Bombing
approximately 19.000 characters

2.3 Killing Fields and Deadly Lies
What Remains of the 100.000 Corpses in Mass Graves?
***central chapter of approximately 40.000 characters***

3 After the War
3.1 Prizren Is Cleared of Serbs
The Fabulous Cleanliness of the German Bundeswehr.
approximately 24.000 characters

3.2 And they lived happily together ever after
NATO‘s fairy-tale about the multi-ethnic future of the Kosovo
***central chapter of approximately 40.000 characters***

4 Epilogue
Fact-Dump Cyberspace
Post-Modernism destroys Reason, Or: Questions of an Active Reader.
approximately 15.000 characters

5 Appendix

5.1 International Press Commentaries on the Situation in Kosovo in the
1980ies. approximately 10.000 characters

5.2 The German Foreign Ministry about the Situation in Kosovo 1990 -
Fall 1998;  secret documents
approximately 35.000 characters

5.3. Massgraves >As seen As told< - strange details of a OSCE
documentation. approximately 12.000 characters

   About the Author

Juergen Elsaesser was born in 1957. Until June 1997 he was chief editor
of Berlin‘s daily newspaper Junge Welt and from April 1999 on has been
editor of the monthly magazin Konkret, Germany‘s most important
magazine of an
independent Left since 1957 . He also works as a freelance journalist,
amongst others for the Allgemeine Juedische Wochenzeitung, the
Sueddeutsche Zeitung, the state television WDR and the Kursbuch.

In the time of the Kosovo war he coined the slogan »No Blood for
Joschka«, an anology to the slogan »No Blood for oil«, that the members
of the Green Party had coined in the Golf war 1991. The German magazine
Der Spiegel consequently libelled him as a »professional cynic« bound
to »antiquated leftist clichés«. Others were more kindly disposed:
About his latest book Nie wieder Krieg ohne uns. Das Kosovo und die
neue deutsche Geopolitik (Konkret Verlag, June 1999, second edition
November 1999) the renowned daily newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau
wrote: »An excellent book. Written in anger and deep regret, regrets
about the development of the Left
movement and the Green Party. But it is thoroughly investigated.«


Juergen Elsaesser/Andrei S. Markovits (Hrsg)
Die Fratze der eigene Geschichte
Von der Goldhagen-Debatte zum Jugoslawienkrieg. Berlin
(Elefantenpress) September 1999, 208 Seiten, 29.90 DM

Juergen Elsaesser  (Hrsg.)
Nie wieder Krieg ohne uns
Das Kosovo und die neue deutsche Geopolitik. Hamburg (Konkret) Juni
1999, 165 Seiten, 22.80 DM

Juergen Elsaesser
Braunbuch DVU
Eine deutsche Arbeiterpartei und ihre Freunde. Hamburk (Konkret)
September 1998, 152 Seiten, 19.80 DM

Juergen Elsaesser/Sahra Wagenknecht
Vorwaerts und vergessen?
Ein Streit ueber Marx, Lenin, Ulbricht und die verzweifelte Aktualitaet
des Kommunismus. Hamburg (Konkret) Juni 1996, 140 S. 19.80 DM

Juergen Elsaesser
Wenn das der Fuehrer haette erleben duerfen
29 Glueckwuensche zum deutschen Sieg ueber die Alliierten. Hamburg
(Konkret) Mai 1995, 112 Seiten, 14.80 DM

Juergen Elsaesser
Antisemitismus - das alte Gesicht des neuen Deutschland
Analysen nach der Wiedervereinigung. Berlin (Dietz) September 1992, 145
Seiten, 19.80 DM

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